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Engage and Excel Programme Starts Today

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Engage and Excel is a partnership programme between PNE Group and Women Empowering Women Network (WEWN) funded by European Social Fund.

Its primary aim is to address the eradication of poverty through entrepenueurship promotion , elimination of barriers to self-employment and professional progression.The programme will address the below commom issues faced by participants :

· Inadequate knowledge of UK business culture

· Discrimination and lack of confidence

· Financial hardship and difficulty accessing credit

· Skills gaps and low knowledge of labour market trends

Supporting the economic integration of BME individuals is essential to achieving a more prosperous society/region and reducing inequality. For example, in 2018, 9% of the Northeast region’s non-white population were unemployed, compared to a 5% regional average (UK Gov, 2018) and 73% of migrants reported being paid below the living wage (Northumbria University, 2017).

Self-employment is a well-tested pathway for migrants who experience barriers to employment. 23% of migrants in the North East are self-employed, compared to an 11% regional average (Northumbria University, 2017), yet 54% report not knowing where to access services supporting them to pursue enterprise (Northumbria University, 2017).

Participants will receive;

· An equivalent of two days enterprise and skills building workshops

· A dedicated mentor to support their progress throughout the programme and help them identify and support progression opportunities

· Access to a one-to-one business adviser

· Travel costs, enabling inclusive participation

· A £50 budget to access additional learning

Want to know more about enrolling into the programme do not hesitate to contact us via

Email :

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