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WEWN is a community interest company set up to address the socio-economic barriers faced by migramt women within the (UK) specifically in the Northeast.

Since its inception WEWN has recognised many barriers that affect the socio-economic intergration and progression of migrant women in the Northeast.

To this date , WEWN has ran several workshops that increase women socio-economic positions and move them closer to local economic contribution.

From Sept 2020 , WEWN will be hosting several workshops that boasts migrant women confidence in Business start-up , Growing your Network ,Becoming assertive without being guilty ,Decision Making process at home , work and community and how to Identify Professional Route Pathways. These core workshops will assist our beneficiaries to build confidence that will stimulate an innovative mindset as we believe "The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it , move with it , and join the dance" Alan Watts

Shamiso Machaya founder for WEWN quoted “I look forward to sharing progressive experiences with each and every woman within our network as we join hands in pursuing our entrepreneurship and professional development goals in the North East”.

Please Note !!!

Our Office Address

9 Horsely Hill square

South Shields

NE34 7TR

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