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Covid19 Bursting the Myths

We would like to thank the #National Lottery Fund for funding our project Covid19 Bursting the Myths.

Project Aims and Objectives

Covid19 Bursting the Myths Project focuses on empowering women to becoming MORE resilient to the ever changing environments of the pandemic.

The project is a platform for women to talk about the adverse myths and positive myths surrounding vaccination issues.

We are aware that Covid19 is pushing everyone to becoming innovative and adaptive , so let’s talk about …..

What has changed in your life?

Have you taken your vaccination as yet?

Have any of your friends taken the vaccination as yet?

Are you sacred to take the vaccination?

What’s stopping you from taking your vaccination?

What myths being circulated by your networks ?

Knowing MORE allows you to do MORE , below workshops are tailormade for your engagement within the vaccination processes.

Register your interest to attend via

Workshop 1 - 5 sessions with professionals who are culturally sensitive to explain how the vaccines have been developed.

Workshop 2 - 5 Myths bursting sessions on the Corona Virus Vaccine.

Workshop 3 - 2 Signposting women to available mainstream services to vaccinate and accessing other related services.

Workshop 4 - 5 x Mental Health resilience as a result of mental health challenges caused by Covid 19 .

To ease of some of the Covid 19 implications WEWN will be offering some exercise sessions and workshops.

Register to join via

Our Funders

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