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#Covid19 Bursting the Myths Project

Championing Covid19 Vaccinations within the Northeast.

Research to date indicates that COVID-19 does not affect all population groups equally.

Many analyses have reflected that older age, ethnicity, male sex and geographical area,

for example, are associated with the risk of getting the infection, experiencing more

severe symptoms and higher rates of death.

A review by Public Health In June 20202 found that the highest age

diagnosis rates of COVID-19 per 100,000 population were in people of Black ethnic groups (486 in females and 649 in

males) and the lowest were in people of White ethnic groups (220 in females and 224

in males).

An analysis of survival among confirmed COVID-19 cases showed that, after

accounting for the effect of sex, age, deprivation and region, people of Bangladeshi

ethnicity had around twice the risk of death when compared to people of White British

ethnicity. People of Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Other Asian, Caribbean and Other

Black ethnicity had between 10 and 50% higher risk of death when compared to White


Death rates from COVID-19 were higher for Black and Asian ethnic groups when

compared to White ethnic groups. This is the opposite of what is seen in previous

years, when the all-cause mortality rates are lower in Asian and Black ethnic groups.

Comparing to previous years, all-cause mortality was almost 4 times higher than

expected among Black males for this period, almost 3 times higher in Asian males and

almost 2 times higher in White males. Among females, deaths were almost 3 times

higher in this period in Black, Mixed and Other females, and 2.4 times higher in Asian

females compared with 1.6 times in White females.

Let’s be proactive in seeking vaccination to promote better health in BAME Communities.

Watch the below from our local ex- NHS consultant Shobha Srivastava.

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