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Engage and Excel Assertiveness Workshops

The Assertiveness Model

Assertive behaviour has been defined as "that complex of behaviour’s emitted by a person in an interpersonal context which express that person's feelings, attitudes, wishes, opinions or rights directly, firmly and honestly while respecting the feelings, attitudes, wishes, opinions, and rights of other persons." (Galassi and Galassi, 1977, p. 233.) According to (Galassi and Galassi, 1977,) being assertive does not involve an undue or excessive amount of anxiety or fear. It represents the standing up for one's legitimate rights without violating the rights of others.

Most Mental health researchers of today appear to be in agreement with the fact that assertive behaviour is (a) learned and (b) situationally specific and it is recognised that an assertive person has a better chance of obtaining satisfactory remedy in a situation where expectancy has been violated.

Research on the effects of assertive training has reported outcomes of increased self-esteem, increased positive reaction from others, and reduced anxiety in social situations for persons having gone through a training program, hence this additional mentorship sessions for the Engage and Excel Programme.

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Topic: Engage and Excel Assertiveness Workshops

Delivered by: Nadia over 4weeks each Monday @ 2pm

Time: Jul 13, 2020 02:00 PM London

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Meeting ID: 519 780 3998

Password: WEWN

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