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"Tell me and i forget

Teach me and i remember


B Franklin

WEWN , would like to give a big applaud to Bedor and Patience for sharing their personal barriers to entrepreneurship and professional employment opportunities in the North East region.

Their stories are no difference to many migrant women locally and nationally whilst the impact of engage and excel programme is not new to researchers, who have repeatedly recognised that vocational participation of migrants and refugees plays a significant role in successful integration within host countries. (Freudenberg, Halberstadt, 2018)

Moreover ,migrant and refugee success within economic settlement has been measured to benefit the host country immensely , and support for migrants and refugees remains to be a necessity , according to the Report published through the public consultation on Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan.

The publication illustrates that offering migrant and refugee groups tailored support was measured and considered important by roughly two thirds of respondents (both entrepreneurs and business support organisations).

WEWN, continues to seek mentors for their aspire to inspire programme , if interested to support , do not hesitate to contact us through Email :


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