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Your network is your nett worthy , always put yourself out to explore opportunities as entrepreneurship is all about being interested about the world around you , it is all about solving people's problems and ultimately being curious and enthusiastic to ask questions.

A big thank you goes to the women that attended Grow your Network Event held by PNE, your feedback was commendable and it will make a difference to inspire other women to be out and explore the world around them.


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Middleton & WEWN team

We were enjoying Zoom meeting with Melissa Middleton & WEWN team. What a busy lovely day! Also since we are in October (Breast-Cancer awareness month) we have to remind you to have yourself regularly

Team Development Training

Fabulous learning today with English Unlocked Consultant Shelley Purchon ‘The ability to speak exactly is intimately related to the ability to know exactly.’ –Wendell Berry

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