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International Women's Day Celebrations

Last night WEWN and DivinePearl Events hosted International Women's Day pre- celebrations in honor of all women globally.The purpose of the event was to recognise , embrace , inspire and celebrate woman globally.Topics that focussed on happiness flawed in most of the guest speakers presentations and this raised an interest to look at what researchers have past debated with regards to happiness. Findings on the research indicates that there are many influences to validate what makes a woman's life worthy living."Is it a life filled with happiness or a life filled with purpose and meaning". Is there a difference between the two?Think of the human rights activists who fights oppression but ends up in prison - is she happy?OrThe social animal who spends her nights (some days) jumping from party to party - is that the good life?Above questions do not only act as reaserch topic questions but are crucial in helping individuals to validate and determine where they should invest their time and energy to lead a fullfilling life that is in line with their aspirations.Happy International Women's Day to each and every woman around the globe.

Our key speakers focussed on words such as ; "Women and migration " "Be the best of yourself" "Speak to be understood not to be fluent" "Listen to be a good leader" "Women are all leaders as they raise children who will become tomorrow's political and business leaders" "Be in control of your mind" " Be thoughtful of financial freedom and being your own boss - entrepreneurship" "Think of personal development" "Think more of social and economic intergration within your local and global environment'

Most importantly talk positively to the women sitting next to you and beyond.The group listened to all the wise words attentively.May you all stay confident and upright for the whole of the year till the 2nd Edition Celebration in March 2021.


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