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Assertiveness Course Outline

In the next 4 weeks we are going to look at the important points to help you learn how to become more assertive.

What is assertiveness?

  • Why do we need to be assertive?

The difference between:

  • Non assertive/passive- assertive – Agressive.

  • Negative attitude and passive behaviour

  • Negative attitude and manipulative behaviour.

  • Negative attitude and aggressive behaviour.

  • Positive attitude and assertive behaviour.

  • Human assertive rights/your rights made simple.

  • Why is it difficult to say no?

  • How to say ‘no’ assertively (1)?

  • How to say no assertively (2)?

  • Techniques to use to become assertive.

  • Scenarios to help you learn some verbs/phrases and sentences to use in a situation.

Use the below link to access the workshops

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